Written by: Linda Bonner| THE SEWING SISTERS

Now that you know what creativity is and how it’s beneficial for your health, wellness, and social life… What Now?

I’d like to offer an idea to help you get started.  Write out a list of all the things you loved to do as a child.  Don’t censor this list, just write down everything you can think of.  Did you love riding bikes, exploring, painting with watercolors?  Let your mind roam free and see what amazing ideas you come up with.

It may take a few sessions to fill out your list.  Don’t rush the process and don’t settle for just a few things.  You might want to visit some old photos of you as a child to remember what life was like in those innocent years.  This will likely bring back many memories no matter what age you are.  Take time to reminisce and bask in the sweet memories as they enter your mind.

Some of my fondest memories were hopping on my bike and riding for miles!  I’d stop and pick flowers, take in the landscape, and just feel the freedom of riding with no specific destination in mind.  Yes, that was a creative experience…I was letting my mind roam free and I often returned with a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Creativity is mixing a bit of inspiration with a dose of imagination.

Linda Bonner

Then there were all those moments I spent in the kitchen with my mom and my sisters learning how to bake and cook.  With 4 girls in our family, we were often doing something creative like baking cookies.  I was even famous for making mini pizzas out of English Muffins! A creative soul even at a young age.

Back to your list.  I’m hoping you’ve got a good selection to pick from so it’s time to pick the 3 top things that really excite you!  Does it make your heart race to think about hopping on a bike?  How about searching for a special recipe and making it to share with your family.  Would you feel that special delight to take out your camera (or iPhone) and take some nature photos, landscapes, photos of your kids or grandkids?

The first step is to pick the one that excites you the most!  As you look at your list what activity makes you want to jump right in?  Does it require any specific supplies?  If so, check first around your home and see if you can use what you already have.  One of my favorite aspects of creativity is repurposing common household items. 

Let’s take collage, for example.  Do you have some magazines or a cardboard box you can cut up for your base?  How about colored pencils or markers (which you may have on hand if you have grandkids!)?  Add in a bit of ribbon, buttons, or washi tape and you’re ready to create!  You could pick a theme, a specific color scheme or select pictures that bring you joy! The beauty of collage is that there are no rules! The sky’s the limit!

Collage with Paper, Fabric, Ribbon and Found Objects

Would you feel more motivated with a creative buddy or partner to share this experience?  Find someone who shares your interest and start this journey together. There is power in numbers, and you may be an encouragement to others by asking them to join you.

If you’re like me, you might like a solo adventure at first.  Whether on your own, with a friend or a group, this process is meant to expand your world through creative expression in whatever way you choose! 

Don’t let doubt stop you on this journey.  You are capable, creative, and filled with ideas just waiting to come to life!

As you rekindle your creativity you can expect to experience delight, joy, and an intense feeling of satisfaction.  Enjoy every moment!



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